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5/04/2020 2:12 pm  #1

This cracked me up

I just thought that this was funny:

Almanzo looked at every kernel before he ate it. They were all different shapes. He had eaten thousands of handfuls of popcorn, and never found two kernels alike. Then he thought that if he had some milk, he would have popcorn and milk.

  You can fill a glass full to the brim with milk, and fill another glass of the same size brim full of popcorn, and then you can put all the popcorn kernel by kernel into the milk, and the milk will not run over. You cannot do this with bread. Popcorn and milk are the only two things that will go into the same place.

I also found it interesting how he described the Native Americans bringing it to the settlers, and how they didn't eat it with butter.  Also that this was truly an American food.  These books just bring so much information!  

And I will also confess that it made me hungry...  I want two pieces of apple pie for breakfast!


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