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5/11/2020 10:03 am  #1

Doing it all Yourself

We are staying home and staying safe.  My youngest daughter has a compromised immune system, so we aren't taking any chances.  My husband goes shopping every two weeks first thing in the morning to restock our goods.

My mom is 85 and not allowed to go anywhere.  She lives alone.  She really struggles with this, but my two brothers, my sister, and I insist that it is vital that she not go anywhere.  The stories she was telling me recently were inspired by this current situation.

After my dad passed away, she stopped buying a lot of groceries.  She had to adjust to a new normal.  She got used to just going out and getting what she needed when she needed it.  It brought variety to her day.  Having to stay home has been so challenging for her as she now has to make a list and prepare because my husband and my sister do her shopping for her.  She lamented that she was not used to having to be so well prepared anymore!  

We had some similar issues.  Starting the past fall, my husband and I were empty nesters.  Then my two youngest had to come home from college because of the virus.  So we needed to stock up, and as we felt it was crucial to avoid going out, we had to think really hard about what we actually needed to have on hand, what was critical.  Flour, pasta, rice, frozen veggies, canned goods...  things that would last.  Sadly our big freezer had died a month before this started, and we couldn't stock up frozen goods like we normally might have.

What goods are you getting?  How are you stocking up?  What challenges are you finding in having to be prepared in advance?  How have your habits changed in order to adust to all that is happening in our world now?  In reading the book, I see how they spend so much time prepping food, getting ready.  There is no store for them to zip on over to pick up what they are missing.  How do they adjust and adapt, and is anything similar to what is going on at your home?  

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