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5/18/2020 1:24 pm  #1

What a lovely ending

The book shows a year in Laura's life.  Whenever I think of those times, I always think of how cold it must have been for them.  Winter is a chilly time, and not having all that we have today must have made it very challenging.

And yet when Laura describes it, winter to her is the time the family stayed cozy and together in their little cabin.  What do you think?  So many of us complain about winter, but I know I love snow and snowstorms as long as I am in my house and cozy with my blankets and the heater going. It is not fun to get a power outage in the winter!  But we have a generator that we use sparingly to make sure that we don't get too cold.

Think about living back in that time.  What would have been your favorite season, based upon what Laura described, and why?  

And where would you have wanted to live.  In the town, or in the deep woods?


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