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4/29/2020 3:15 pm  #1

The grandpa story

Do you have good stories about family members?

The summer after I graduated my mom and I took turns spending the night with my grandma and grandpa who had a cottage on Higgins Lake.  My grandpa was an avid fisherman, and from the time I was a very little girl, he had me out on the lake fishing.  One of his favorite stories was someone asked my grandma where he was and she said he was out fishing with Annette, and they replied, "Isn't that illegal?"  (Get it?  A-net?)

My grandma had Parkinson's disease, and needed care, which is why my mom and I took turns staying the night there, to help her out because we didn't want grandpa to get worn out. The great part about this was that I got to go fishing with him almost every single day or night.  And we found a magical spot that summer.  We would no sooner put our hooks in the water when we would get a big perch on our line.  We would arrive back at the cottage with dozens of perch, almost all over 12 inches.  It was wonderful.

Summers that followed found me fishing with Grandpa, but none like that one.  I will forever be grateful that we had that time together.   


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