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5/04/2020 1:02 pm  #1


All summer, every summer, I worked in my parents' business.  We owned what is now known as Nibbles on the south side of Higgins Lake.  I didn't get paid to do it, though they did help me pay for my college education which I am sure was much more than I could have made if they HAD paid me.

When I would come home from school, we had a chores list we had to check.  There weren't chores listed on it everyday, but I learned to dread seeing it when I walked in the door.  It was expected that the chores would be done by the time my mom got home from work, and if they weren't, I would be grounded.

For some reason, we have been slackers in the chore department.  Yes, my kids have to do things, but nothing like what I had to do.  And I know that what I had to do was significantly less than what my mom had to do.  

Yet when Alanzo comes home from school, he doesn't even go in the house.  He goes out to the barn to do chores.  Then he cleans up and doesn't snack on anything, can't, until dinner.  

Then, the next morning, he had to get up HOURS before school and go out and do the chores again.  All of that before breakfast.  It makes me realize how horribly spoiled I am.

Do you have chores to do?  Do you have specific snack times?  How is our life different today, and why do you think that is?

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