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5/04/2020 3:15 pm  #1


She talks about the howling of wolves and how scary that sounds.  I have never heard that. BUT, I have heard the coyotes doing their howling yelping thing at night and it sounds so frightening!  Once, when I was blueberry picking, they began doing it and I swore they were getting closer and closer to me.  I started to walk slowly back to my car, and then ended up running very fast because I thought for sure I was the prey they had discovered!

Another sound is the high pitched screech of that tiny owl that hangs out up here.  It isn't so scary but it can be nerve wracking.  

But the worst sound, and I have only heard it once, was the bobcat scream.  It sounds like a woman is screaming.  It is very unnerving.

We had a bear wander through our yard once.  It was a young one, it wasn't very big.  (It wasn't a baby, though.)  That made us all very happy.  They honestly just don't scare me.  If it had been brown, or a grizzly, then I probably would have been very afraid.

What animals have you heard or seen around your home?  Do any of them frighten you?  What are your favorites?


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