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5/05/2020 12:11 pm  #1

Syrup- Chapter 10

I remember one spring, my dad decided to try getting syrup.  He had buckets and spigots in as many trees that were viable.  We gathered bucket after bucket of the stuff, and my mom had a big pot going to boil it down, as my dad had heard about.

Well she boiled and boiled and boiled and so on.  It was amazing to me to hear about the balls of sugar that they created!  That certainly never happened for us.  Instead?  We got a very thin syrup, it poured like water.  But I have to sincerely say, I don't think we ever enjoyed our pancakes more.

I also enjoyed the parts about the wintergreen berries.  Walking through the woods this past month led to a lot of them for us, and I enjoyed eating them.  I also enjoyed chewing on the leaves like I used to do when I was a lot younger.  I never even considered storing them with alcohol for flavoring.  It makes me recognize so much of the flavoring we actually purchase from the store is just that:  the thing that gives the flavor in alcohol.  

I think I might try to use our mint leaves this summer to make my own flavoring.  I would do the wintergreen berries but I don't think there are many left now that it is May.



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