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5/11/2020 9:28 am  #1

Food Prep

We live in a world today where if we want something, we go shopping. 

My mom was sharing a lot of stories this weekend of her childhood.  Her mom and dad were very poor.  She talked about the chickens they would get every year, and the gardens they would grow and how critical they both were to keep them fed all year.  

She told me a story of how the cupboards were empty and one of her brothers was very hungry, so his mom (my grandma) got out the special blackberry preserves for him to eat which they always had on standby for special occasions.  They canned and canned and canned everything. My mom said it was so much work that she vowed to never do this.

So much of chapter one was about getting meat and prepping it so that they could make it through the winter.  I know that my husband makes strawberry, blueberry and cherry jelly every fall for our family to last all year.  Do any of you prepare meat or can vegetables or fruit?


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