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5/11/2020 1:15 pm  #1

The Dance

Pa's Pa lived even deeper in the woods, the way she describes it.  And we never hear about Laura having neighbors.  I would assume that Grandpa was without neighbors as well.  So with whom do they dance?

I like how Laura describes her grandparents' house.  How big it is!  I wonder then if it started off as small as Charles's house.  Did they start off small?  How did they add on to it?  If you ever go to the Ogemaw County fair, go through the historic village and look at the house.  Whenever I do I imagine what it would have been like to live there, and I think about Laura's house in the big woods.

Also, out east, they have much fancier houses.  It is interesting that they were able to be so refined, to be honest. 

And the candy made from snow and syrup...  How interesting that sounds!  We have SOOOO much today. Candy is something we all like at some level.  But that seems so simple, and honestly, too sweet.  But as a kid, who didn't get a lot of candy, I loved candy rocks and candy rock suckers which we all know are just sugar.  Maybe our taste buds are too spoiled. 

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