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5/11/2020 2:03 pm  #1

Mental Health

Things were so simple back then, and yet sooooo not simple.  There was always so much to be done.  Every day was full of preparing for another day.  Playing was simple and imaginative.  All of the food sounds so delicious, but how was it made?  Did it have spices like we have available?

Life couldn't have been easy.  But Laura, through the eyes of a child, sees the beauty and joy in everything around her.  She is in a world that requires exploration.  Looking at things through her eyes, all I see are the wonderful things that her world has to offer.

So many people struggle with different issues today.  We worry about our mental health.  Is it because we have made life too easy?  If we took kids to that dance, would they have enjoyed it?  Would the kids today have thought the syrup and snow treat was indeed a treat?  Would the making of the sugar have been exciting?  Or would they have gotten their phones out and watched a tik tok?

I wonder very often if in "simplifying" our lives through technology, we aren't removing ourselves more from all that we truly need to mentally survive.  Back then, you worked and acted in ways that you HAD to think ahead, you had to plan, to prepare, to always make sure that you were doing all you could to make tomorrow easier.  Without that need to create survival in this way, are we losing a meaning for our own lives?

I am not trying to blame our world.  And I am sure that as happy as Laura had it, not everyone was so blesses.  (I have read enough of the poet Blake to understand the horrible conditions of poor orphaned children in England.)  I know that I count my blessings daily, though sometimes I forget and get upset over silly things that in my heart I know do no really matter.

Back then you had to rely on your neighbors.  You had to rely on each other.  It was a situation of everyone had to fend for themselves, but in times of trial, you had someone you knew could help you (even if it took days to get there.)  I know that when we needed them, our neighbors came through in ways that are incredible.  And this town?  This town is full of beautiful souls who, when they are needed, descend upon the person in need and do all they can to help them.  But is it like that everywhere today?  (Roscommon is small, afterall.  Maybe small towns are different.)

Thoughts on this?  I know I am rambling, and not coming to one point, but I do think there is an increase in mental health issues today and I wonder why.  I don't know if it is because we are better about identifying them, or if we are leading our lives in such a way that we create a hole in our lives ...  I don't know how to finish that thought, but looking at this book, is it as simple as, well, simplifying?



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