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5/18/2020 1:16 pm  #1

Machines and making life easy

"That machine's a great invention!" he said. "Other folks can stick to old-fashioned ways if they want to, but I'm all for progress. It's a great age we're living in. As long as I raise wheat, I'm going to have a machine come and thresh it, if there's one anywhere in the neighborhood."

We have SOOO much more today. Just thinking about how much phones have advanced in just ten years is amazing.  And streaming videos, computers, the internet, not to mention all that we have that helps us in the kitchen and around the house.  We live in a world where technology has cut our work load down significantly, and opened up a whole new way of communication.  How are we better off for it all?

And even more importantly, how has it actually made our lives harder?


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